About PASA

Polocrosse Association of South Australia

Polocrosse SA was established in 1949 to provide opportunities for South Australians to enjoy the safe, exciting family horse sport of polocrosse. Competitions and tournaments are held across the state and as a member of Polocrosse Australia, our teams and players compete in National and Interstate events.

Our Sport – Polocrosse

…is an “Australian Made Sport”. There are others, but only two: AFL and Two-Up! As the
name itself implies, Polocrosse is a combination of polo, lacrosse and netball.
It is played on horseback, each rider using a racquet, made up of a cane stick to which
is attached a lacrosse type head with a loose twisted-thread net, in which the ball is
carried. Generations of families play together; there are few sports that could boast
that achievement.

Our Vision

To be the Ultimate One-Horse Sport.

Our Mission

We provide a safe and exciting family horse sport accessible to all South
Australians, providing opportunities for all participants to enjoy success.

Our Clubs

– Adelaide Polocrosse Club
– Naracoorte Polocrosse Club
– Oakbank Polocrosse Club
– Yorke Peninsula Polocrosse Club

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